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Welcome, Guest! It seems like you are lost? You have no idea how you ended here?...Then let me welcome you to the world of the Nothingness!
Don't let the name fool you, in this world the less we have is nothing. This world or dimention was created by a demon cat called Siris Sirah, is divided in 6 realms: Fire lava Realm, Windy thunder Realm, Green earth Realm, Water ice Realm, Nightmoon Realm and Daysun Realm, they are protected by 6 guardians... but only 2 are protecting the realms. Right now Siris is sleeping, don't be scared... Even tho that Siris is a Demon, she is a great lord and protector and she really takes good care of her creations...most of the times.
Right now there are only two types of creatures: Fairy Dragons and Ponies you can find them roaming in the wild in the different realms, but before letting you go to explore you must summon your first egg in the summoning temple! that is if you decide to stay and be part of this world, dont worry you dont have to stay permanently you can go back to your own world when you want and come back again when you want. so... What do you decide?