Site Statistics and Top 10 Adoptables

This page shows you an overview of the top adoptables on this site, as well as some random adoptables that you can level.

Top 10 Adoptables

Here are the Top 10 adoptables of all time, based on clicks.

Image Name Owner Clicks
Red King Kristhasirah 407
Blue King Kristhasirah 368
Ghost Shamaani 333
Tiny Red King Kristhasirah 319
Una Kristhasirah 317
Unnamed Kristhasirah 313
Unnamed Shamaani 313
Unnamed Shamaani 311
Unnamed Shamaani 308
Unnamed Shamaani 308
More Status
Total of creatures types: 31

Total Pets Owned in the site: 106
Most Owned Pet: Blue Fairy Dragon (20)
Least Owned Pet: Tiny Yellow Fairy Dragon (1)
Member with most pets: Shamaani (54)
Top 3 users weekly
No.1: Shamaani (462)
Top 3 users Monthly
No.1: Shamaani (1923)
Newest 3 Users
1. SalyaDarken
2. bloodghostie
3. RamonStind