Fantasy Adopts


  • we have a new shop! Black and White, it only sells adopts that have black or white as base colors, the stock is limited once they are sold out it will take some time to be re-stocked.
  • Changed some of the links names.
  • The Pound Center now is divided: Hatchlings and Adults can be found on the garden, the eggs are inside of the house. (some of the backgrounds are temporal, will be replaced with better ones).
  • The wilderness now have pretty backgrounds.
  • still fixing descriptions of the adopts. hope to finish soon >_>
  • in the userprofile page you can see if a user is online, also if the fave pet has a background or item it will be show.
  • in the members list you can now see, is one is a admin/founder/artist or member. (not that we have anything more that members and me the founder).
  • working on the holiday adopt shop. the adopts will have limited stock so first to arrive first to serve. but worry not, every year you will be able to buy that adopt.(I don't like limited adopts that are only available for 1 time to never return, unless they are custom).

  • The new adopts now have random status(except the already adopted ones) still need to add the options in the petprofile.
  • Added the training arena and the battle arena, for now you can only get some silver crystals in the battle arena.
  • Fixed the trading dropdown, for pubic trades, only one adopt was showing if they had the same name.
  • New images for some of the shops, soon the rest will be replaced.
  • A new Adopt shop is added. the basic colors. tired of hunting for a dragon fairy or a tiny fairy you can buy them in there!
  • The custom images for the adopts where replaced for companions(none for now, almost done)
  • The adopts now can hold items! just for fun for now.
  • the backgrounds are back! in the Painter Shop.
  • the summon adopt now has a limit, sorry about that it reset every 24hr server time.
  • New Avatar images! you can now choose to use an avatar from the site or just upload the one you want.
  • We now have the wilderness! you don't want a pet? but don't want to send them to the pound, then just release it to the wild!(only works for level 5, 6 and 7 adopts)
  • We have now the public Stud! you can set up your males for others to breed and get some silver crystals in exchange!
The explore area is still unavailable, sorry for that. soon will finish it.

PLEASE READ!!!!!!! Fixing part of some codes and data base, some descriptions will be unavailable, and some areas will be buggy or not available sorry for the trouble.
the exploration area will be inaccessible for the next few weeks, as I am working on improving the code, making some changes and improving and adding areas.
It is safe now to adopt from the summoning chamber only the basic 3 colors and the 3 secondary colors can be summoned.
Also still working on the special summoning chamber! do not enter there! currently the uncommon,rare,ultrarare and legendary are not available! don't spend your blue crystals!! you will only get the basic 3 colors and nothing else....

The rarity of the items in the shop will change this is with the idea to match the new shop stock of the items. all the shops will have a limited stock of the items the more rare the lesser will have in stock. 

more items have been added to the site =) also renamed the alchemy lab to "The Kitchen" and now have 2 sections there: simple cooking and advanced cooking.  only the advanced cooking is working right now. simple cooking have been added so still need to add the items needed to make it work. will be added in this or next week. also the kitchen has a new image ^^.

A few more items have been added! some potions to change the gender of the adopts! if you already had some of those potions wait a little and i will add them.
also soon i will add some items for the users! this items will help you to reset the time limit in the fishing areas and caves the code has been added just need to test it more!.
in the next days i will add a few completely new adopts! they wont be available in the summoning chamber. they will be released in the explore areas and others only by trade in the next to open town clock plaza. In the clock plaza you will find different trades at different times and days some of them will be only one hour or will be only one day of the week. some traders will exchange some of the junk items you have for new or expensive ones!
the Collectors room is bugged... well not really bugged just messed up. need to fix the pages for each adopt. I apologize for that, will try to fix most of the pages the next week.
the crystal pony will be changed instead of summoning it you will need to trade it. Peach Cherry Fairy Dragon will stay in the special summoning.
the Missing adopts are still the same, im re-making some of the sprites specially the crystal pony, lante fairy dragon, moon fairy dragon, Spring Nature Fairy Dragon and Winter Nature Fairy Dragon
Thank you For your Patience

Fixed a small item name problem in the wicked lake... also fixed the bugged items. added a few more missing items specially in the water realm... sorry about that.
please use the shoutbox of the forums to post any problems you find so i can fix them.

The new code for the Wicked Lake area has been updated, now when you go fishing sometimes will lose the baite, not always. all the items there are safe to pick up.
soon will add more items. if you find an egg in the wicked lake do not worry even if you take it or not you will not lose the fish bait.
also the adopts(currently only blue fairy dragon) have random level and clicks so you can find an egg or even an adult fairy dragon!

Still Playing with the explore page, so expect some buggy things >_> still testing!
made some changes to the codes so nothing that you can see. Hope the new changes done to the Daycare are of your like, less information more quickly to click.
also to the members that are already registered... i will retu you the previous owned items! once i add them again to the data base. 
currently missing adopts:
Moon Fairy Dragon, Lante Fairy Dragon, Peach Cherry Fairy Dragon, Crystal Pony, Spring Nature Fairy Dragon, Dingley Fairy Dragon, Winter Nature Fairy Dragon
Almost done:
Crystal Pony(still missing the female).

Most of the adopts have been recreated and uploaded, also you can find most of your adopts back in your garden. the missing adopt types are: Moon Fairy Dragon, Lante Fairy Dragon, Peach Cherry Fairy Dragon, Crystal Pony, Spring Nature Fairy Dragon, Dingley Fairy Dragon, Winter Nature Fairy Dragon. The rest are up and ready to be adopted. Now it is safe to adopt =).
some of the items are still missing, will upload them as soon I can, also no need to buy them again, if you had them i will add them to your inventory!
Waing! the explore areas in the map are buggy, some of them will give you the option to get some items but most of them are still not added so will create problems in your inventoy if you accep them.