Fantasy Adopts

This is the Terms of Service Page

Welcome to Fantasy adopts.
please keep the site children safe. 
1.- if you are under 13 years old please ask permition from your parents before you create an acount.
2.- this site is still under construction, so many things can happen: missing pets, deleted pets, missing items lots of grammar errors, lots of code errors. so please be patient. im only a one man team.
all of the art in this site currently is created by me, I have worked in silvadops and tales of dragons, now that the sites are down i will add the foxes and dragons i created for those sites. so if you see a creature and looks identical to o creature that used to be part of those sites, please make sure to see the name of the artist before reporting them as stolen art.
please do dont take the art used here and claim them as your own.
don't use cursing words in the forum or the shoutbox also no cheating, you will be waed and put on a list, the next time you will be banned for the site for 1 week , do it agan and you will be permanent banned for the site.
only 1 account per user... please! this site is so easy to use and so easy to get money and pets! also theres no limited editions so i dont see the point on getting more than 1 account.
sorry this really dont look like a terms of service... once i get better at wording will make an official one.